New Hyundai HT HYCUBE Dry Van Trailers

Hynudai HT HYCUBE Dry Van Trailers


  • 53’ x 102” x 13’6”
  • Composite Plate Sidewalls
  • Plywood Lined with Logistic Posts on 16” Centers
  • Air Ride
  • Available with Galvanized Cross Members, Couplers, Hangers, Rear Door Frame and ICC Bumper
  • Aluminum Roofs
  • Other Features Available, built to your specifications
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HYCUBE Diagram

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Standard Features

  • Inside height and rear door opening height
    of 110"
  • Interior width 101", lining-to-lining
  • Sealed wiring harness with internal ground
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel rear frame and rear underride guard
  • Easy operating door lock rods with rubber handle grips for operator comfort and safety
  • Water and debris resistant tail light housing
  • Computer controlled machine riveting of sides and roof
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